Did you have a traumatic, overwhelming experience in the past?  Did it affect your ability to move on and enjoy life?  Do you feel like events from the past, keep you in the past as you keep reliving these painful memories?


Violence, war, sexual assault, death, childhood abuse, car accidents are some of the awful things that can happen to us.  People try to stuff these feelings and they find that these negative feelings keep popping up and overwhelm them.

You may notice:

  • You have flashbacks of the traumatic event

  • You can’t sleep or if you, you have horrific nightmares

  • You find yourself avoiding people and places that you remind of the traumatic experience

  • You isolate and your relationships suffer

  • You may feel numb and just feel like your life will never be good again

  • You may try to cope with these problems with substance abuse or overeating.

  • You may have been diagnosed with PTSD

You don’t need to suffer from the past anymore.  You can heal and return to a normal, happy life.  As treatment starts to work you will be able to cope bert with life and have better relationships.  Life will go more smoothly.  Old painful memories will lose their emotional charge and you will be able to sleep and function better.

Trauma treatment helps you to feel better and to get on with your life.  Don’t spend the rest of your life reliving the past, call me at 406-672-7904 to start your trauma treatment.