What is Loss?

Are you overwhelmed and in pain after the loss of a loved one or other loss in your life? Do you feel like you leading a joyless life now?

–Loss of any kind can destroy the happiness in our life.Loss of a child, spouse or other loved one can leave us in agony and unable to cope.

—Loss doesn’t have to be from death. Loss can also come from divorce, job loss, pet loss etc. can rob of us of our happiness.

I know what it is like to deal with the horrific pain of loss.  A few years ago, I lost my son Max in a tragic drowning accident.  After this loss, I was devastated and couldn’t function.  I started researching the best grief and trauma resources to help  me heal after the death of my son.

I found a combination of grief techniques, body work, and EMDR to help me heal.  I want to share with you what I learned about dealing with grief to help you overcome your pain and to lead a fulfilling life again.  You don’t have to stay stuck in your grief and lead a loss of misery after a devastating loss.  I can help you to overcome your grief
and get the joy back in your life.  Call me at 672-7904
Lisa Matovich Brooke, L.C.P.C